Enli CareManager
Awarded 2017 Best In KLAS
Population Health

Better Outcomes for Everyone. That’s our promise. Proven technology is how we keep it. CareManager was developed by providers for providers. It taps the latest evidence-based guidelines and programs, supports the creation of a unified care plan, and facilitates care team collaboration. Providers using CareManager are successfully pursuing innovative delivery models. They’re also achieving key performance measures.

“When we added Enli CareManager, we saw an incremental increase in our quality measures, almost across the board.”

Director/Physician, December 2016

“We are experiencing improved care for our population. From a financial perspective, we are seeing an overall cost savings by implementing measures and being able to track them.”

Director/Physician, January 2017

“Enli is coming to the table, developing new modules for us, and proving that they are a partner. They also do a great job following trends in the market and, almost more importantly, with government regulations. Enli stays ahead of the game.”

Director/Physician, January 2017 

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